Tarot Card of the Week: Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands card on a tarot cloth with crystals

Using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck, the card I drew was the Seven of Wands.

This card depicts a man on top of a hill, he appears to be fighting others at the bottom of the hill, and he is holding a wand in a defensive or ready to fight position. He has been victorious in his battle, but he needs to still fight to keep his position.

This card indicates that you may have it within yourself to be victorious in battles you may encounter this week. Even if the fight is difficult, you may find that you can come out on top by relying upon your inner strength and knowledge. And, you are in an advantageous position.

On the Seven of Wands card, there is a stream of water running beneath the man, which could symbolize your intuition that you also can utilize to overcome the obstacles you may have to face. Challenges may still come at you, but they may not surprise you, meaning you probably already know who/what your battles are. Knowing this means you can be prepared.

Have a great week!