“This was very insightful and definitely got me thinking about where I am now and where I need to go! You completely tapped into my somewhat recent shift in mentality from the stuff on the surface to the deep down intuition and connection with the universe. Your advice resonated completely. I feel like that is exactly the path I need to take.” -Delaney

“I am happy that this reading made things clear for me and now it would definitely help me to be on the right path. Before I was kind of confused as I couldn’t exactly figure out the solution, but now everything came in front, it’s time to settle down the issues. Your time, dedication and the effort you put for this reading, I really appreciate that. Thanks a lot.” -SZ

“Thank you for helping me identify the question from a cloud of doubts and clearly articulating it. The reading could then address my main concern and did so in a way that gives me an understanding of the situation and allows me to reflect and mull over my choices. But reassures me of trust, abundance and of accepting changes. Thank you for giving me a picture that is underpinned by wisdom, life experience, compassion, and perfectly balances emotive and objective suggestions.” -Natasha

“I love that the cards and your interpretation gave me great insight into things I need to do to move on. I appreciated the fact that I could tell that you were very thoughtful and that your interpretations of the messages from the cards came from a very intuitive space. You gave me great insight into what I could do to ease my frustrations and that was very helpful!” -Shelly

“I really appreciate most your questioning and focus and how you continued to answer those questions. I feel that even though this wasn’t a 20hr reading, you managed to be insanely specific and too the point. All the information you gave was direct and to the point! On an intuitive side, I’m actually shook at how accurate you are! Also, your reading wasn’t the “dooms day” type of reading. Your answers were open and flexible enough to give insight but to also acknowledge that things change, people changes and feelings change too! I don’t know you at all but this reading felt to incredibly personal. Thank you so much Stevi!” -Tlotliso