Card of the Week: Eight of Fire

Eight of Fire card from Angel Tarot Cards.

The Angel Tarot Cards is the deck that I used for the card of the week. I drew the Eight of Fire.

This beautiful card  depicts a dragon wrapped around a wand, with seven wands darting and swirling. Waves can be seen in the body of water behind the scene.

Just like the dragon, it is time to hold on because things are going to start moving! Any delays you may have had in your plans are now over, and it’s full speed ahead. It could come a surprise to you, and may seem a bit overwhelming as you witness the frenzy.  But you have been hoping and planning for this, and it will feel good to see it finally happening now.

Remember to take time to stay grounded if things seem too chaotic, however keep in mind that the momentum will continue. Enjoy the positivity and spotlight!

Card of the Week: The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Card Deck.

I pulled The Holy Mountain from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Card Deck for the card of the week.

Mountains have been a symbol of power. In Greek mythology the 12 Gods and Goddesses resided on Mount Olympus. Pilgrims in Tibet circle ceremoniously around Mount Kailash in hopes of prosperity coming into their lives. The ice-capped Mount Ausangate in Peru is climbed to bring the starlight and fire down to the Earth.

This card depicts mountains with someone seated on the highest peak. They appear to be meditating. The sun is shining behind them and light is being drawn towards them.

This week take some time to retreat from the world to reflect. Go on your own pilgrimage. It could be as simple as talking a nature walk or sitting on the beach. Anywhere that you can be alone to quietly be with your thoughts and open to messages you may receive from your intuition, or your spirit guides. Meditate if you can. See the beauty, abundance, and potential around you. Commit to walk with love, compassion, and courage. Once you have received clarity, give thanks for the guidance you receive.

Card of the Week: Ace of Rods

Ace of Rods from the Aquarian Tarot Deck.

The Aquarian Tarot is the deck that I pulled from for the card of the week. I drew the Ace of Rods.

This card depicts a healthy and strong flowering stem coming up with flowers blooming at the top, and two buds along the side of the stem that are starting to grow. Aces in Tarot represent new beginnings, and the suite of Rods (Wands) is about energy, creativity, passion, ambition, determination. Rods or Wands is associated with the element of fire.

This week is the time to start that project or implement that idea that has been a fire in your belly. You have the drive to do it, now create it! With focus, and enthusiasm, nothing can stop you.