Tarot Card of the Week: Seven of Wands / Skunk

I drew from Animal Totem Tarot for this week. The card I drew was Seven of Wands.

The Seven of Wands depicts a skunk in a garden. It appears that the skunk has been eating from the garden as there are partially eaten leaves and vegetables around. Some have been dug out of the ground.  There are seven wands pointing straight at the skunk, but the skunk seems unafraid, holding ground. The tail is pointed up as if ready to strike, or spray.

The Seven of Wands appears to ask us to reflect on whether we are ready to defend ourselves, our needs, or what we have created. This week you may not be under attack physically, however you may need to counter your limiting beliefs, or defend yourself against those who doubt you.  You may have some doubts yourself, but realize that you have it within you to stand your ground, and you are able to defend yourself.

Message from the Skunk:

“I am not really much of a fighter. Truly, I prefer to be left to my own devices and treat the world around me with as much respect and honor as possible. But sometimes I have to stand up for myself and I am not afraid to do so. It is, however, the very last resort, as I do give a preemptive warning of what is to come if things don’t calm down.”

Have a super week!

Tarot Card of the Week: Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles from Aquarian Tarot.

Tarot card of the week is from Aquarian Tarot. This week I drew the Queen of Pentacles.

This queen appears to be wearing exquisite attire. A long elegant cloak, and her headwear features a wing at the top. She is staring intently at the pentacle in front of her.

The Queen of Pentacles is devoted and generous. She represents security, opulence, magnificence. She is comfortable in her surroundings, and is perceptive of the magic and blessings around her, and the strength it gives her.  When I look at the wing on the top of her head, I see her as successful, she is often thinking about ways to soar to new heights, and she is connected to her higher self.

Do you see aspects of The Queen of Pentacles in yourself? Embrace her qualities and you could find success. Find ways to go further with new ideas, be focused and efficient when implementing these ideas. Or, someone who is like The Queen of Pentacles may appear to you this week. Listen to her message, her teachings, her guidance. It may help lead you to reaching your goals.