Category: Oracle Card of the Week

Card of the Week: The Vision Quest

The Vision Quest card from Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck.

Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck is where I pulled a card for reflection this upcoming week. The card I drew was The Vision Quest.

During the vision quest, one can face their fear, receive guidance, and meet Spirit Guardians or Totem Animals. When we feel stuck, or without direction, a vision quest can help by bringing guidance and perspective into our lives. We can face our flaws, and see our potential and opportunities ahead of us.

This week, try to spend time alone in nature and ask Spirit to send guiding vision to help you on your path. Spend this time being quiet. Watch and listen for signs. This could be the sound of a bird, the wind blowing through the trees, or a fish leaping from the river. Reflect upon what you hear and see. If a bird, insect, fish, reptile, or other animal appears to you, it may have an important message for you. Look up the spiritual meaning of the creature(s) that you see, for there may lie the guidance you seek.

Card of the Week: Master Jesus

Master Jesus card from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate this holiday. Today I was drawn to the Keepers of The Light Oracle Cards. As I was shuffling, a card jumped out, it was Master Jesus. He has a message for us this Easter Sunday. I feel humbled that this card appeared on today of all days.

Jesus, being primary focus of Christianity as the son of God, is known as a gentle guide and teacher, a generous soul who loves and accepts us all. One does not have to be Christian to reach out to him, he will respond. He is the Light Keeper whom we can call on when in need of self-love and forgiveness. And he reminds us that love is the most important connection we can create.

He sees the potential of goodness within us all. The divine is not condemning you, if there is a situation which does not support your happiness, you do not have let it continue to define you. Jesus has appeared this week to show us the path to healing and to release you from the self-hate which may be burdening you.

I believe there are many paths to the Divine. Whatever path one is on, it is how life is lived that is most important. We, as humans, are not perfect, but in our imperfection there are lessons that can be learned, and we need to try to be kind and forgive ourselves and strive to forgive and be accepting of others as well.

Have a blessed week.