Tarot Card of the Week: Nine of Wands / Ram

This week I wanted to work with one of my new decks, Animal Totem Tarot. The card I drew was the Nine of Wands / Ram.  It is interesting to note that I drew the same card several weeks ago, but from the Universal Waite Tarot Deck. Getting the same cards repeatedly is a sign that the Divine is trying to send a message that we either did not hear the first time, or to remind us to keep reflecting upon this message, as it is still applicable now. Sending it again in a another deck could be a way for the Divine to communicate the message in a different way to us, asking us to look at another aspect of this card.

This card depicts a lone ram standing on top of a mountain.  There are nine wands beside him. He looks proud but you can see the scars from his past battles. He stands confident as he appears to be waiting.  Because he is on the top of the mountain, it indicates that he was successful in his battles.

In this card I sense more confidence, compared to the Nine of Wands in the Universal Waite Tarot Deck that I drew several weeks ago.  The Ram knows he is strong, it is like he knows he is the best. The wands appear to be more of a support behind him, or that they are his weapons, instead of something to hide behind. When I look at this card I think “Just try it! I will beat you again!” Realize how far you have come, you are entitled to be confident.  There will be others who challenge you, but you have the strength to overcome.

In the book that accompanies this deck, there is a message from the Ram:

“When you have what others want, there will always be another battle lurking just around the corner. Yet what the untrained warrior doesn’t know is that with each battle you become stronger, more focused, and even more committed to your goal.  Your scars are more than repaired wounds; they are badges of courage and honor and each one makes you tougher and more resilient than before.”

Enjoy the week!