Card of the Week: Three of Cups / Puffin

Three of Cups / Puffin card from Animal Totem Tarot.

Hello everyone! After a short break I am back at it. I needed the time to recharge, and welcome a new kitty to the family.

This week’s card is the Three of Cups / Puffin from Animal Totem Tarot.

The scene on the card is of the ocean shore. On top of each of the three upright cups stands a puffin. One has wings outstretched facing the sun looking ready to take off. The second has a bounty of fish being held in their beak. The third appears to be preening. They all seem to be enjoying their day.

Puffins have been connected to the spiritual realm because they have been compared to friars praying. When they are standing on the rocky cliffs, their heads bowed to the sea, they appear to be giving thanks and honoring their surroundings. But there are times when Puffins also seem to be joyful and having fun!

This week, while you are at work or doing the required mundane chores or duties, remember to also make time to have fun. Celebrate all the good that surrounds you. Stand in the sun’s warming light and feel the energy flow through you, enjoy a satisfying meal, get a new haircut or that fabulous smelling body wash or perfume/cologne you have had your eye on, or get a manicure/pedicure. Spend time with those you love.

Message from Puffin:

“All work and no play makes Puffin a very boring bird indeed. There must be balance in your life between the world you live in, the world your soul is in, and the joy you give for both. Which is why we party! Gather some friends and allow yourself to unwind; it’s time to take your serious face off and feel the fun of your physical journey.”

Have a super week!