Card of the Week: The Sun / Lemur

The Sun / Lemur card from Animal Totem Tarot.

Happy New Year everyone! For the first week in 2022, I drew a card from Animal Totem Tarot. The card I pulled was The Sun / Lemur.

This card depicts a ring-tailed lemur joyfully basking in the sun. He is sitting in a meditation position with his palms up and face towards the sun. The ring-tailed lemur is the only lemur species that is not nocturnal. They need the sun to survive. Without the heat from the sun their bodies would grow cold and they would die. So they bask in the light of the sun each and every day.

The sun gives life, and sheds light in the darkness. The sun can illuminate the path to enlightenment and happiness. This week welcome the light, and see what has been hidden in the darkness so it can be confronted and managed. Do something which energizes, heals, enhances your life and health. Share your light with others, your optimism can be infectious.

When I lived in Michigan, this time of year was the darkest and coldest. The sun’s light was minimal, and I missed it so much. For those of you living far north, try to enjoy as much of the sun as you can. Do not miss the opportunity to take walks in the middle of the day when the sun is out so you can bask in the sun’s energy. And take heart in knowing the days are getting longer now, the sun will be back in it’s full glory soon.

Message from Lemur:

“Are you ready to stand in the full light of your magnificence? Does the light bother you or draw you to it? The light is interesting, as not all can reside under it. I am the only one of my kind that actually ventures out into the light. The rest of my cousins prefer the shadows and the cloaking magic of the dark. But for me, the energy of the Sun not only warms my body so I can live, but it energizes my soul. Because of this, you will find me honoring its presence in my life each and every day, as it is important to honor that which gives us life.”