Card of the Week: The Blade

The Blade card from Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck.

This week, I drew The Blade from the Mystical Shaman Oracle Deck.

Representing the sharpness of the mind, body, and spirit, The Blade can be used either as a tool for healing, or as a weapon to injure. It can represent transmission of power, cutting ties from the past, or severing harmful relationships. The Blade can also be used in anger to hurt or destroy, such as being “sharp tonged” and saying something critical or hurtful.

This week, pull out your figurative blade and use it wisely. It may be the time to claim your power, “cut to the chase”, get to the point, and take decisive action.  What cords need to be cut in order for you to move forward?  If you are angry or overemotional, it is best to put The Blade away until you get back into balance.