Card of the Week: Queen of Fire

Queen of Fire from Angel Tarot Cards.

For this upcoming week, the card is Queen of Fire from Angel Tarot Cards.

The Queen of Fire is a confident woman in bright, bold garb. Her beautiful wings are elegantly spread out behind her. She is holding a wand which is emitting fire, and a dragon is emerging in front of her.

The Queen of Fire is someone who believes in her skills, is intelligent, and knows how to reach her desires. She is unafraid and cannot be thrown off-guard. But yet she is warm and graceful.

It is time to stop underestimating yourself, and to spread your wings and fly! Believe and trust your intuition and what you can achieve. Assert your independence, show your creativity. Be proud of your passions. If you need assistance, others will be attracted to your enthusiasm and charisma and want to help.

Invoke the energies of the Queen of Fire this week, and realize what you are able to accomplish.