Tarot Card of the Week: Two of Pentacles

For the Tarot card of the week, I am using a new (to me) deck, Aquarian Tarot. Originally published in 1970, the images on the cards are Art Deco-inspired, and do have Rider-Waite symbolism. Art Deco saw a resurgence around that time, which is what may have influenced the artist, David Palladini, as he was creating the cards in this deck.  I enjoy retro/vintage items, and was looking for decks that are still in print or available (and affordable) that were published during the 1970s. This was one that came up in my searches, and I am looking forward to working with it.

The card I drew was the Two of Pentacles.  This card shows a man staring at two pentacles seeming to be swirling in a figure eight in front of him.  He seems dazed, or fixated on the pentacles. There appears to be a body of water with waves behind him.

The image on this card differs from the traditional Rider-Waite deck in that it is more “zoomed in” to the person in the card. It looks like he is not trying to balance or juggle the pentacles with both hands. He may be holding them in his left hand, but not his right. 

This week, consider if you have things truly under control.  You may be portraying to the world that you have things under control, but do you really?  Are you hiding your challenges, trying to detract from them, or only show part of what is going on?  If you are feeling overwhelmed to the point of being dazed or tired when looking at the tasks you are trying to juggle, you may need to make some adjustments, such as bringing in additional help (another hand?). 

Have a great week!