Tarot Card of the Week: Three of Cups

Using the Universal Waite Tarot Deck, the card that jumped out while I was shuffling was the Three of Cups. When cards jump out, I consider this to be a card that is intended to be read, as it has a message to convey.

This card depicts three women, holding up their cups in celebration, a toast. They are happy, and appear to be dancing. The Three of Cups symbolizes a sharing of experience, cooperation, and celebration among friends.

The appearance of the Three of Cups indicates that there may be a reason to celebrate this week. It reminds us to think about the friendships, and the good times we have with friends. With many getting the COVID-19 vaccine, more people are feeling safer going out again. We have missed getting together with friends in person to toast our blessings and companionship we have with each other.

This week consider taking the time to spend with friends. Celebrate the good things you have achieved. These friends may be able to help you through difficult situations right now as well, or provide advice to you. They will be there for you just as you have been there for them.