Tarot Card of the Week: Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles from the Aquarian Tarot Deck.

Today I drew the Six of Pentacles from the Aquarian Tarot Deck.

A wealthy individual is depicted on this card, they are well dressed, and there are six pentacles surrounding them. On the person’s sleeves is a design that almost looks like a ladder to me, this tells me that he/she climbed up the ladder to achieve their place in society.  There is a scale on the table. The scale appears to have coins on it, and it is in balance.

This card symbolizes success in business combined with philanthropy. There is generosity and a sharing of proceeds.

Have you seen success in terms of finances? You may be ready to take a philanthropic path. This week an opportunity to give to a cause you believe in may appear to you.  You do not need to give up your wealth, it is ok to keep enough for yourself to be comfortable and enjoy the good things in life. But there may be some room to share as well. Keep an eye out for signs that inspire you to give to a worthy cause.

Have an abundant week!