Tarot Card of the Week: Eight of Swords (Tridents)

This week I am feeling drawn to Tarot of Mermaids, so the card of the week was from this deck. The card I drew was the Eight of Swords (Tridents).

The card depicts a mermaid trapped between rock formations in shallow, calm waters. There are eight tridents behind her. She appears to be caged and is bound and blindfolded.

You may be forced to hold yourself back this week, and to have self-control. If this is your own choice, then realize your intuition is guiding you for a reason. It may be time to sit quietly in solitude and reflect upon this. Or, are you feeling repressed, and not want to hold yourself back, but feel forced to? Is this force from an external source, or within yourself?

The mermaid in the card can escape her cage, there is a large space between the tridents behind her. The waters are calm so she could easily swim away and free herself from the ties that bind her, or get help from another.

Reflect upon whether your cage and binds are self-inflicted by choice, or if it is being forced upon you. Are you wanting to escape, or are you not ready yet?