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Card of the Week: Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups from the Morgan Greer Tarot.

Nine of Cups from the Morgan-Greer Tarot was the card drawn for the week.

This card depicts a man proudly standing with nine cups lined up on a table behind him. He is well dressed, likely successful and wealthy.  The Nine of Cups is associated with achievements, completion, and satisfaction.

This week, you may realize that you have attained the physical and emotional comfort that you have been seeking. Show it off, you have reason to. You may even want to celebrate. The man in the card has a red nose and cheeks, makes me wonder if he drank wine out of all those cups and is feeling giddy.

Be proud of what you have achieved, don’t be shy about it.

Tarot Card of the Week: King of Swords

King of Swords from Morgan Greer Tarot.

This week, I pulled from the Morgan-Greer Tarot.

The card I drew was the King of Swords. This card depicts a king, standing strong and proud with a sword and wheat stalks he is holding straight up in his hand. Oak branches with green leaves surround him. This king is in charge, mature, and in full command. In whatever field he chooses, he is the authority. With his sword in front of him, he appears ready to defend his beliefs. He is intelligent, perceptive, and strong willed. This King is intellectual. He analyzes problems using logic and can solve them with ease. He is just; when he makes a decision, he is not only honest and insightful, but also impartial. The King of Swords lives by high principles and ethical standards. The oak tree symbolizes his strength, and the wheat stalks symbolize that he will follow through until the ideas have harvested.

This week, look for the energies of the King of Swords. Is it within or around you? Is it time you embrace the strength, intellect, and logic of the King of Swords? You have proven to be successful and have followed through on your ideas, show this. Be honest and straightforward in your interactions. Be confident that you are an authority on the matter. If decisions need to be made this week, approach it like the King of Swords would using intellect, logic, and impartiality.

Tarot Card of the Week: Eight of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles from the Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck

Another new deck I have acquired recently is the Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck. First published in 1979, this borderless deck was illustrated by Bill Greer based on the continued knowledge, wisdom and interpretation of Paul Foster Case and Arthur Edward Waite.  Greer said “There are certain colors used as dictated by Case for symbolic reasons. I sought to incorporate these colors and elaborate, so as to create an immediate emotional reaction to each card even before an image could be looked at in depth.” I have just started using this deck, but am enjoying the colors and imagery of it so far. I am not crazy about the design on the back of the cards, which are a bunch of white stars on a blue background, but for me that does not take away from the beauty of the images on the front of the cards.

The card I drew was the Eight of Pentacles.  When I look at the colors in this card, I get the feeling that the sun is low in the sky, and shining an amber hue into the room where the man is working. It may be late in the afternoon or early evening. He is intently focused on his work on carving a pentacle, perfecting his craft. He has been practicing as evidenced by the similar pentacles on the wall next to him, and he takes great pride in his work. Has he been working hard all day? Likely. 

Are you currently taking a class or learning a new skill? Maybe you are in a new position at work, and learning how to master your skills. You could be working very hard, and are extremely focused at this time. If so, it appears that you are on the right path. If you are not, then maybe you should take another look and decide if it is necessary so you can move ahead, or maintain job security.

Have a productive week!