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Card of the Week: Hilarion – Divine Healing

Hilarion from Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck.

I have decided to change the title of these weekly posts from “Tarot Card of the Week” to simply “Card of the Week”. I have been drawn to pulling cards from both Tarot and Oracle card decks, so these weekly posts may now include either.

This week I pulled from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards. The card I drew was Hilarion – Divine Healing.

Hilarion is a spiritual master who lived during the 4th century in the Middle East. He was so devoted to service that after his parents died he gave all of their estate to his brothers and the poor.  During the remainder of his life, it was said that he performed healing and miracles with his touch and prayer, and lived in a cave as a hermit.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by everything around you, allow the healing light of Hilarion to surround and recharge you. It is ok to retreat during this time to allow yourself to spiritually cleanse and regain your energy.  Before you share your energy with others through healing, advice, or support, be sure that you are filled with love, light, and energy. It is not noble to sacrifice your own health and development for others. You can be of better service if you are energized within yourself first.