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Card of the Week: Following Your Bliss

Following Your Bliss from Gateway Oracle Cards.

The lovely card that I drew for this week is Following Your Bliss, from Gateway Oracle Cards.

“My soul sings with joy!” A woman with a pink rose in her red flowing hair is dancing and playing her flute. She is connected to her soul and sharing her joy. 

What is it that makes your soul sing with joy? The Universe is saying that the time is now to do what makes you happy.

What brings bliss to your soul? Do it. If not now then when? If you keep putting it off you may never do it or you may have regrets for not trying.  If you can’t do it all at once, just start.

This week, take steps to bring genuine happiness to your soul and follow your bliss.

Card of the Week: Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers from the Gateway Oracle Deck.

Gateway Oracle Cards was the deck that I pulled from this week. The card I drew was Breaking Barriers. “I am expanding beyond limitations into joy and freedom!”

If something is holding you back, or if you have any self-imposed barriers, now is the time to break through them. Just as a sea turtle hatchling has to break through the egg, crawl up through the nest to the surface, and make a run for it’s ocean home, don’t let anything stop you from reaching your goal.

Don’t let fear or self-doubt hold you back. Although going through this process may feel messy, disruptive, or tumultuous, things will eventually settle down. Just keep focused on what the end result could be. When you look back at this experience, you may even realize that life is now better because you broke through the barriers.