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Card of the Week: Ten of Cups / Penguin

Ten of Cups / Penguin from Animal Totem Tarot.

This week I drew from Animal Totem Tarot. When I pulled the card I said out loud “Awwwww…”. The card is Ten of Cups / Penguin.

A penguin family is huddled together in front of an iceberg or snow-covered mountain with ten cups in an arc above them. The two adult penguins appear content, and the young penguin standing between the two adults appears joyful with it’s wings outstretched and head held high.

Their environment is barren, but yet they appear secure and fulfilled as they stand close together. Penguins survive and thrive by being in groups. This is their source of support and protection. 

If you have been doing things solo, it may be time to consider joining with another person, group or community to continue your journey and reach the next level to happiness and fulfillment, and possibly a sense of security. Good times are anticipated this week.

“Love, trust, and support are important elements to our Penguin culture. Without them, we would end up alone or in the jaws of one of our many predators. Yet despite the many dangers we face on a regular day, the most dangerous of all is being alone when the winter winds whip into our homes. Without the love and protection of our community we would never last and our way of life would be no more.” – Message from the Penguin

Card of the Week: King of Pentacles / Bison

King of Pentacles / Bison card from Animal Totem Tarot.

This week’s card was drawn from Animal Totem Tarot. The card I pulled was King of Pentacles / Bison.

This card depicts a bison proudly showing off his prizes of a gold pentacle and a crown hanging from one of his horns. Scars on his face show that he had a tough fight to win his achievements.

Bison is a survivor. He can thrive in the most harsh conditions, and was almost hunted to extinction. No matter where Bison finds himself, he knows he can conquer his surroundings. This is the energy of the King of Pentacles…confident that you have the resources and instinct to obtain what you need. You may need to scrap, fight, stand your ground, but you innately know it will be worth it once you have manifested that which you have fought for.

Message from Bison:

“Where you are is as good as it is going to get until you can master the here and now. In this place, you have all you need to tether yourself to a past that can no longer sustain you or provide you with the tools you require to build a life fit for a king. The secret is to stop looking at what is around you and start focusing on what is inside of you. For it is the conditions of the inner landscape that determine the outcome of your physical world.”

Card of the Week: Seven of Swords / Ferret

Seven of Swords / Ferret from Animal Totem Tarot.

This week’s card comes from Animal Totem Tarot. The card I drew was Seven of Swords / Ferret.

The ferret on this card appears to be hoarding swords, there are seven of them that he has “collected.” The ferret is from the weasel family, and can move easily, and stealthily, through tight places. This ability teaches us that stealth can be a form of protection, and also can be part of play. There may be a need to keep things hidden at times. But there is a difference from doing it to benefit ourselves, or to harm others.

This week, there may be a reason to hide the truth. Are you manifesting a new project, and in order for it to grow you need to keep the energy around it protected? Or, have you kept a secret hidden for too long now that it may not be harmless anymore?

Message from Ferret:

“We all have a sneaky side. It is a necessary skill for our survival. Whether you have to be the one who is sneaky, or be the one able to spot others in their sly ways, the art of deception is not to be taken for granted. Smoke, mirrors, and sleight of hand all have their place; the real trick is knowing when and where to use them.”