Tarot Card of the Week: Ten of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles illustrates an old man, watching his family, they appear wealthy and well cared for. The ten pentacles are over the image on the card, as if to overlay what is happening. This card often symbolizes abundance, success, comfort. This can be financial, material, spiritual, or other joys such as family and friends.

When I reflected upon this card, it made me think about what the world has been going through the past year. People staying at home, maybe feeling cooped up, our patience tested by being with our families more than usual.  But through this, there may have been a renewal of a bond between them. A rediscovery of each other. A joy found that was temporarily put on hold prior to March 2020 because of work and other commitments.

The old man in the Ten of Pentacles is separated from his family. He is sitting down, petting his dog, and observing from a distance his daughter/daughter-in-law and son/son-in-law with his grandchild. Although his dog does give him some comfort, there is a loneliness there. The rest of his family may be starting to venture out. When will it be his turn? He may no longer want to observe through phone calls or Zoom. He wants to be with his family again. He wants to laugh, hug, and be with them in person.

As the vaccine is being distributed, and cases of the virus go down, families can hopefully gather together again and feel safe and comfortable as things get to more of a sense of normal. That abundance and comfort is needed by many families who have strong ties, and protect and support each other.

Hello (again) world!

The Sun card from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

The Sun Card from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck.

So, I am back at it. Tarot has called me back again. Although my cards have always been close by, I have not done readings for myself or others since 2013. 

I have gone through some life changes since then. And the energies that I needed to put into these life changes left me too drained to do readings.

I changed my career. I went back to school in 2013 to focus on Environmental Studies. I have always felt a connection to the environment, and I finally was able to follow through on getting a degree and found a job in this field.

I moved from Michigan to Florida. I lived in Michigan for all of my life, and love the Autumn, but I could not manage the cold and darkness anymore.  Florida was calling to me, and my husband and I made it our mission to get there.  In 2018 it became a reality. I feel so blessed to be living in the Sunshine State, with green and bright year-around.

After settling here in Florida, I was ready for something else. What was it? I started thinking about my Tarot cards again.  I began by looking at my cards, reading books, and joined the BiddyTarot.com Community to connect with others interested in Tarot, and to learn from the resources the site has to offer.  I was a reader with BiddyTarot.com in 2013, and I am again now. 

I will not be offering readings through this site just yet because I want to practice for a bit first. And I am stumbling through building this site.  But it will not be too long until I do!

I plan to post every Sunday a Tarot card of the week. This will help me to become reacquainted with the cards again, and hopefully also teach you about the cards as well. I may also post other thoughts, reflections, stories, whatever inspires me to share with you.

Thank you for joining me in my journey.