A Brief Review: Everyday Tarot Deck and Everyday Tarot Book by Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot

I am very much enjoying the Everyday Tarot Deck and Everyday Tarot Book from Brigit Esselmont of Biddy Tarot.

The beautifully minimalist and modern images on the Everyday Tarot Deck cards in purple, gold, and white give me a different perspective of the traditional Rider Waite Deck that I am finding intriguing to work with. The cards focus on the main aspects and message that the each card brings forth. They are easy to shuffle, and the gold edging on the cards is a nice touch.  For some, the minimalist imagery could seem limiting, for example I often get intuitive messages from some of the details in the Universal Waite Deck. Looking at in the Nine of Pentacles, you can see there is a little snail on the ground, mountains and a castle in the background. These images may provide messages depending on the reading. This is not depicted in the Everyday Tarot Deck, so you may want to keep this in mind when deciding how to use the deck.

The Everyday Tarot Book is not your usual card interpretations and spreads book. It is a book that teaches you how to work with the Tarot in a personal, reflective, self-help way. Brigit also talks about her personal experiences in life which I liked, it brought a personal touch to the book. She also mentions in the book about the creation of the Everyday Tarot Deck, and how she wondered at one point if she should “put the breaks on the project altogether.”

I recommend checking out both the Everyday Tarot Deck and the Everyday Tarot Book to expand your relationship with Tarot.