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Halloween Reflections and Card of the Week

Happy Halloween everyone!

When I lived in Michigan, Autumn and Halloween was my favorite time of year. Now that I live in South Florida, I find that I miss the season. I am realizing that in addition to all things fun and spooky, I also associated Halloween with cooler weather, leaves changing and falling to the ground leaving a blanket of orange and brown, and grey days when the smell of burning leaves filled the air.  I have fond memories of celebrating with friends and family, and going to the cider mill enjoying fresh apple cider and home made donuts.

The season in Michigan, however, was far too short to have it be a reason for me to stay. During late October and early November the grey days became depressing, and cold rains and snow accompanied the increasingly shorter daylight hours.  There was dreaded anticipation of long dark nights, frigid temperatures, icy roads, and deep snow that was coming.

Halloween gaiety is present here in the Sunshine State. Decorations adorn homes and businesses, parties are planned, children dress up and go trick or treating (and they do not have to wear winter jackets which hide their costumes), and the weather is less hot and humid. Tonight my husband and I will be going to my mom and stepdad’s house, where we will be enjoying the cute costumes and handing out candy to the many trick or treaters. It is different than Halloween in Michigan, but the holiday is still celebrated and embraced, and I find joy in that.

In the spirit of Halloween, I will again this week be drawing the card of the week from The Halloween Tarot. The card I pulled was the Five of Bats.

This card depicts a young man clutching three bags of Halloween candy, and there are three more bags in front of him. He is wearing a mask. There is someone in a cat costume behind him who seems to be crying, a clown nearby tries to console this person. Five bats are flying above, and the moon and black cat are looking at the thief with dismay. The Five of Bats indicates loss due to cruelty or unfairness.

This week, someone who is in an advantageous position may try to take advantage of you at a time when you could be unable to defend yourself. You may feel humiliated at this loss, but nearby there is support. Turn to this support for help getting through this.  Those who witness this do realize that what happened was not fair. 

If you are the person who is taking advantage of someone who is defenseless, try to reflect upon why you need to to do this. Is it necessary to hurt another person this way for short term greed and gratification? Karma seems to have a way of catching up eventually.

Card of the Week: The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card from The Halloween Tarot.

This week’s card comes from The Halloween Tarot.  I drew The Wheel of Fortune.

This card depicts a man tied to a spinning wheel, knives have been thrown and have hit the wheel round his body. There is an elephant which seems to be controlling the wheel with it’s trunk, while a mouse is at the foot of the elephant appearing to be taunting it. A black cat is walking by looking at the scene while the moon is smiling down on them.

This card is a nod to the roulette wheel or wheel of chance, and indicates a possible turn of events or change in circumstances that possibly cannot be controlled or even predicted. You may be faced with new happenings or choices this week. It could seem like one person is controlling this change, but there may be other people or factors behind the scenes also affecting the situation.

If you find that you are asking yourself how or why something happened, realize that change is the only constant reality. How you react, learn, and adapt to the change is important.  Understand that life continues, the wheel turns.

Always hopeful, yet discontent
He knows changes aren’t permanent
But change is.

– From the song “Tom Sawyer” by Rush.

Card of the Week: Nine of Imps

Nine of Imps from The Halloween Tarot.

As we are approaching Halloween, I decided to pull out The Halloween Tarot to draw the card of the week.  The card I drew was Nine of Imps.

This card depicts an imp holding a jack-o-lantern Halloween treat bucket, a black cat is approaching him carefully. He is holding out his hand in the direction of the cat, as if warning him to stay back, or possibly reaching out to pet the cat. Behind them are eight imps holding wands of fire. Each imp has a different pose and facial expression, ranging from curious to happy to envious.

This week, you may decide to step out of line to take action. This non-conformity could prove liberating. Some may not like this, and say that you are not a team player, or that you will not succeed. Others may be inspired, root for you quietly, and curiously watch to see how things turn out for you.

You may have to forge this path alone, and there could be perceived threats along the way. Anything that is seen as a potential challenge should be approached carefully. It could be hurtful or helpful. You have your skills and knowledge to rely upon. Be strong and confident even though you may feel alone. Deep down you intuitively know this is the right path to take.